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The internal audit function team comprises of well-qualified, experienced professionals who conduct regular audits across the Companys operations. The internal audit reports are placed before the Audit committee for consideration. The management duly considers and takes appropriate action on the recommendations made by the statutory auditors, internal auditors and the independent Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. GVK Industries Ltd , GVK Gautami power Ltd and Alaknanda Hydro Power Company Ltd were registered with UNFCCC and as such these projects are eligible for CER credits. The earnings per share at consolidated level for the current year stands at Rs.(4.84) as compared to Rs.(9.46) per equity share of Re.1/- each in the previous year. Because of COVID-19, almost three-quarters of companies worldwide canceled or suspended domestic travel, and 93 percent canceled or suspended international travel, according to the Global Business Travel Association.

This implies that entities of developed countries exceeding their emission limits can buy carbon credits from those whose actual emissions are below their set limits. Carbon credits can be exchanged between businesses/entities or can be bought and sold in the international market at the prevailing market price. Indowind Energy Limited operates as an IPP in the renewable energy sector in India. It engages in developing, setting up, operating, and maintaining wind farms. It also provides project management and asset management services, as well as trades in and sells carbon credits in Indian and international CER markets.

Indian Energy Exchange has planned to launch the High Price Day Ahead Market segment by mid March, which will facilitate electricity generating firms to sell power at a price as high as Rs 50 per unit. Pursuant to Regulation 30 of SEBI Regulations, 2015, Indian Energy Exchange has informed that it attached the Investor Presentation & Press Release on Unaudited Financial Results for the Second Quarter ended September 30, 2022. The above information will also be made available on the website of the Company Yes you can buy Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. shares, all you need is to have a verified demat account with Nuuu. D) The various authorities has started investigations against the directors/promoters as well as SRS Group on the basis of complaints led for fraud committed by the directors/promotors.

IEX shares rise after it becomes the country’s first “carbon neutral” power exchange

Profit after tax is Rs. lakhs for the year ended March 31, 2021 as compared to Net Loss of Rs.82,815 lakhs in the previous year. The Companys total expenditure, comprising of Cost of Operation, Employee Benefit Expenses and other administrative expenses, decreased to Rs.25,859 Lakhs for the year ended March 31,2021 from Rs.90,931 lakhs for the year ended March 31,2020. These MMLPs shall act as regional inter-modal freight-handling facilities with mechanized material handling provisions which shall contain warehouses, specialized cold chain facilities, freight /container terminals and bulk/break-bulk cargo terminals. The MMLPs are planned to foster inter-modal connectivity with inclusions such as dedicated Railway line/Spur, access from prominent Highway/Expressway to allow movement of commercial vehicles and connectivity to an Airport or a Seaport . Which shows that the management isinefficient in relation to its Inventory and working capital management. Which shows that the management isefficient in relation to its Inventory and working capital management. – Cerus reported on Thursday third quarter erl-15691||earnings that beat analysts’ forecasts and revenue that fell short of expectations. Enterprise Value is a measure of a company’s total value, often used as a more comprehensive alternative to equity market capitalization. Enterprise value includes in its calculation the market capitalization of a company but also short-term and long-term debt as well as any cash on the company’s balance sheet.


Since there were no employees in jewellery division and retail division hence the con rmation from the vendors for disclosure under MSMED Act could not be done. The a airs of retail division and jewellery division were managed by Mr. Sunil Jindal and is not available for comment. As per settlement agreement dated 28th May, 2018, the Company sold its multiplex property in Gorakhpur for Rs. 110 lakhs (including GST of Rs. 17 lakhs). The book value of such property was Rs.865 lakhs and the sale resulted in loss of Rs. 772 lakhs. Also, the Company was to recover Rs. 60 lakhs towards security deposit, which was also w/o in Statement of Profit and Loss.

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IEX used market-based tradable instruments to nullify its carbon emissions. Many power sector reforms are being introduced by the Government to bring efficiency, promote de-carbonization and ensure reliable and affordable power supply. As the largest generator of the country, your Company carries the responsibility of providing adequate power to meet the grid requirement. Sustainability remains one of the key pillars of our business and we at NTPC have been challenging ourselves every day with new targets to better our sustainability performances.

  • As a general rule, revenue receipts are chargeable to tax unless specifically exempted and capital receipts are exempted from tax unless specifically held to be chargeable.
  • However, these financial incentives might not be enough to deter industries to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Globally, the fuel prices have increased significantly, and this has made Energy Security the topmost priority for every nation.
  • Further, efforts are on for partnering with Commercial and Industrial (C&I) consumers for supplying renewable and RTC power.
  • The internal audit reports are placed before the Audit committee for consideration.
  • EKI Energy, India’s leading pre-eminent global service provider in the sphere of Energy, Carbon Credit & Quality Management, was the sustainability partner by providing advisory & consultancy services in this climate action exercise.

From a perusal of the above definitions, it is clear that money and have been kept out of the scope of goods as well as services. Thus, if CERs qualify as”money”or”securities”, the supply of the same will not be taxable as being out of the scope of GST laws. Marketing and distribution of various financial products such as stock broking, mutual funds distribution, loans, deposits and insurance are powered by Tecx Labs Private Limited .

HP-DAM will enable high-cost generators, falling under the category – Gas based Power Plants using imported RLNG and Naphtha; Imported Coal based Power Plant using imported coal; and Battery Energy Storage Systems – to participate in the market. These generators will now be able to sell electricity on IEX platform, with a price range of ‘0’ to Rs 50/unit. This unique segment will bring such capacity on the spot markets in a high-demand scenario. IEX has received approval from CERC to launch the High Price Day Ahead Market (HP-DAM) in the integrated day ahead market (I-DAM) segment. The overall volume on the Exchange during the month was 8639 MU, an increase of 2% on MoM basis.

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This is pursuant to disclosure under Regulation 30 of the SEBI Regulations, 2015. All you have to do to buy Indian Energy Exchange Ltd. share is download Nuuu app, create a demat account, and get your KYC documents verified online. The Company wish to express appreciation of the support and co-operation of the various stakeholders. The report on Corporate Governance is annexed to this report for information of the Members.

The Company has led an appeal with the National Company Law Appellant Tribunal , New Delhi on 18th January, 2018 against the NCLT order dated 20thDecember, 2017 and it has been withdrawn by the Company on 8th March, 2018. A) The Company had led an application with National Company Law Tribunal for extension of time for repayment of Deposits and NCLT has passed the order on 20th October, 2016 granting extension of time to the Company for repayment of Deposits. During the year under review, there were no cases led pursuant to the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013.

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Your Company is committed to sustainable wealth creation for all its stakeholders by adopting best practices. Transparency, accountability, fairness and extensive communication with stakeholders are integral to our functioning. NTPC Renewable Energy Limited obtained the highest domestic credit rating of ‘AAA’ within one year of its incorporation and has been able to tie up its maiden domestic “Green” loan at a very competitive rate. Work is in progress at Leh on an integrated project for mobility, where five intra-city buses would ply using green hydrogen. In addition to the green methanol pilot project at Vindhyachal, the work for blending green hydrogen with natural gas at Kawas is also in progress. With this, installed and commercial capacity of NTPC Green Energy has become 2661 MW while group installed and commercial capacity of NTPC has become MW.

For the overdue period of deposits, whether secured or unsecured, matured and claimed but remaining unpaid. During the CIRP process claims from the operational creditors, employee and other creditors were invited, The amount of claims received from the certain parties varies from the books balance, The effect of the same has not been recorded in the books. The difference is immaterial considering the size of the financial statements of the company and same has been considered as contingent liability. The total number of employees of GVK at the corporate office and projects sites as on March 31, 2021 stands at 2,267 approximately. Your company periodically reviews the requirement of these employees across various projects based on the need and necessity.

The Foreign Trade Receivables were supervised by the erstwhile management of the company which is not available for comments. Auditors further refer Note 37 in respect of non-availability of con rmations of trade receivables, loans & advances and trade payables. Balance con rmations, wherever received in case of trade receivables, loans & advances and trade payables, are under reconciliation and impact is pending to be given in books of account.


In January 23, the Exchange witnessed its highest volume in this fiscal year, due to improving supply side conditions, led by gradually increasing coal supply and easing e-auction coal prices. Improving coal inventory and onset of winters will lead to further price correction on the Exchange, providing cost optimisation opportunities to Discoms and Open Access consumers. According to the power demand data published by the National Load Dispatch Center, the energy consumption stood at 113 BU during November 2022, increasing 13% on YoY basis.

Indowind Energy Limited was incorporated in 1995 and is based in Chennai, India. THE clean development mechanism —the world’s largest carbon offset mechanism under the Kyoto Protocol—has issued its billionth carbon credit. It was given to a company in Alwar, Rajasthan, which switched its fuel source from coal to biomass. Each credit, also called certified emission reduction , translates to avoidance of emission of one tonne of CO2 resulting from projects in developing countries funded by developed countries. This effectively means that a billion tonnes of CO2 has been avoided since the first CER was issued in 2005. The milestone comes at a time when prices of carbon credits are at a record low and do not bode well for CDM projects.

Carbon credit prices rise 20%

The section does not specican i sell a stock immediately whether it is applicable to a resident assessee or a non-resident assessee. However, in the case of non-residents, taxability arises only to the extent it is attributable to the business connection/permanent establishment in India. Taxation under the ITA depends on whether the income is a revenue receipt or a capital receipt. As a general rule, revenue receipts are chargeable to tax unless specifically exempted and capital receipts are exempted from tax unless specifically held to be chargeable. Stock Brokers can accept securities as margin from clients only by way of pledge in the depository system w.e.f. September 1, 2020. Update your mobile number & email id with your stock broker/depository participant and receive OTP directly from depository on your email id and/or mobile number to create pledge.

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This will provide further cost optimization opportunities to Discoms and its Open Access consumers, resulting in higher volumes on the Exchange. Indian Energy Exchange has achieved 8452 MU total volume in December 2022, including Green Power trade of 377 MU, and 4.87 lakh RECs . The total electricity volume on the Exchange in December 2022 was 7964 MU, an increase of 8% on MoM and 4% on YoY basis. IEX is now India’s first carbon-neutral Power Exchange, using market based tradable instruments to offset its carbon emissions.

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It had returned to positive territory in the September to December quarter with a marginal 0.5% growth. FinStar can not be assigned to this company due to its dicey outlook and insufficient data. We will update the FinStar for this company as soon as the data is updated from its end. Curated newsletters on markets, personal finance, policy & politics, start-ups, technology, and more.